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Link with other schools in the Commonwealth and learn about what it’s like to live in another country.
(Not available to schools in other Australian states)

Hosting the Games presents exciting opportunities for schools across the Commonwealth to forge links with each other. The School2School program aims to put schools in Victoria in contact with schools in other Commonwealth nations and for ongoing relationships to be established. The aim to learn more about each other and develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the countries and cultures that make up the Commonwealth of Nations.

Students may wish to share letters or emails, photographs, artwork, stories and poems. They may like to ask questions of each other to find out about favourite sports and games and what a typical day in each other life is like. Students could even undertake a collaborative project together to share ideas about how to solve a problem or tackle an issue that’s important to them.


Registration for Victorian Schools has now CLOSED!
(This program is not available to schools in other Australian states)

Other Commonwealth nations can continue to register by emailing the following details to:

  • Name and full mailing address of the school

  • Contact name of staff member

  • Age or Year level of students to be involved

  • Schools are currently being matched and provided with each others contact details so they can begin communicating in the lead up to the Games in March.

    All schools will be proved with a hard copy of the School2School Friendship Program resource booklet to assist them with guidelines and ideas to establish the Friendship Program. An electronic version of this publication can be accessed clicking on the link below.

    Where possible schools in Victoria will be linked with the country they have requested or a school from their local councils ‘adopt a second team’ country. Find which Commonwealth nation your community is supporting at Adopt a Second Team

    For any queries about the School2School Program Email:

    Other Opportunities

    Victorian schools who have missed out on registration or schools in other Australian states can still be involved with schools in other Commonwealth nations through two Global Classroom Projects.

    There are many ways in which your school can become involved with the School2School program, including The Golden Tapestry project. For more information, please view The Golden Tapestry pdf.

    Practical Guide & Ideas

    To find out more about the School2School friendship program, please visit the
    School2School Practical Guide & Ideas