Children in Costume
Your students’ artwork can become a gift to one of the Commonwealth Games athletes
The Art for Athletes program is a unique opportunity for all Australian school communities to activly participate in the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

The overall objective is to provide an opportunity for Victorian students to exhibit their artistic talents through friendly competition. Students will be encouraged to attach a story to accompany the artwork thereby enhancing the artist’s learning process.

More specifically, requirements of the project should address the following:

Competition Registration:

  • Utilising Web based technologies. All schools registering to be involved in this project will require to register on-line at the dedicated education website www.melbourne2006.com.au/education

  • Registration should include the name, position, email address and telephone number of the teacher who will be responsible for compiling the artwork.

  • Only one registration per school will be permitted but registrations from separate campuses will be accepted.

  • Rules & Regulations:

  • All artwork must be standard A3 landscape size.

  • All artwork must be laminated (matt finish preferred).

  • Specific themes for various year/age levels will be developed.

  • Approximately 6,500 student artworks are required.

  • A related story by the artist is to accompany each artwork

  • All artwork will be returned with the prescribed postcard (stamped self addressed (student name / school address) and student’s story relating to the artwork.

  • Registration is only open to registered Australian schools that provide teaching and learning to prep to Year 12 students.

  • Selection:

  • Schools will be provided with a quota of artworks they will be required to provide.

  • Schools will be provided with pre-printed postcards which they write the student’s name and school address and
    attach stamps to.

  • Privacy directive: each school is responsible for ensuring that parental permission is obtained for their child’s name
    to appear on a postcard. Forms for authority will be provided and must be kept by the school.

  • Schools are encouraged to conduct a school based competition to select the artwork that will be sent in to athletes.

  • All artworks must be received by OCGC no later than 18 November 2005.