About the Program

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Learning, linking and participating are the aims of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Education Program
In March 2006, 4,500 athletes from 71 nations and territories will unite in Melbourne for the biggest event Victoria has ever staged, the XVIII Commonwealth Games.

Hosting the Games is a unique opportunity to create positive and engaging learning experiences for students, teachers and school communities. The Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Education Program has been designed to help you and your school use the Games as a platform for learning.

The Education Program has three main aims that are supported by a range of classroom resources and associated activities providing every school the opportunity to:

Learn - about the Commonwealth of Nations and Australia’s role in it, and about athletes from different countries and their way of life

Link - teachers, students and school communities in Australia with each other and with schools in the Commonwealth

Participate - in Games activities like the Opening Ceremony, as well as in sports and Games-related community activities

You and your school are invited to make use of the program’s rich classroom resources and participate in the many exciting activities. You can choose all or some of the resources and activities to suit your teaching and learning needs.