Classroom Resources

Teacher reading to student
A range of of rich, innovative and integrated classroom resources and activities have been created for all year groups and all subject areas.
Throughout 2005 and leading up to the Commonwealth Games in March 2006, you will have many opportunities to engage your students through a variety of classroom resources and activities.

Catering for both primary and secondary students with a diverse range of learning needs, these exciting and innovative classroom resources are integrated across a number of subject areas. They have been designed to promote and encourage cooperative learning, problem solving, healthy lifestyle and physical activity, mutual understanding and respect, leadership, civics and citizenship and inclusive practices.

Divided into five sections, the resources include:

Starting Blocks

Starting Blocks

Starting Blocks provides an introduction to the Commonwealth Games, including a brief history.

Post Compulsory Resources

Students in Class

Curriculum material for senior classes that identifies links with the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Let the Games Begin!

Elle McPherson & Cathy Freeman with Baton

Middle Years Resources - engaging units addressing the themes ‘Sports and Ethics’ & ‘Hosting a Major Event’.

United through the Games

United Through the Games

Integrated Units - Five units of work based on the core values of the Commonwealth Games - humanity, equality and destiny.



A set of innovative teaching and learning activities for primary students designed to develop greater knowledge.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Bringing it All Together - The Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Education Program resources and activities

Note: In the lead up to the Games in March, 2006 schools in Victoria will progressively receive the resources listed above. Schools in other Australian states and territories or other countries can download the resource or purchase the CD-Rom from Curriculum Corporation.