Let the Games Begin! Middle Year Resources

Elle McPherson & Cathy Freeman<br />with Queens Baton
Engaging, integrated and innovative units about ‘Sport and Ethics’ and ‘Hosting a Major Event’ with resources for students.

A middle-years resource designed to engage students in the complex decision-making and organisation that major events involve. The program consists of two teaching and learning units and a student resource.

Hosting a Major Event

The focus of this unit is on the planning of a major event. Students learn about hosting a major event by investigating Melbourne’s hosting the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

A Fair Go: Ethics and Sport

This unit is concerned with introducing ethical values into the decision-making process. The unit provides a model for ethical decision-making, a selection of resources, and tools to support students learning.

Student Resource – Exploring the Games

This resource helps students explore ‘behind the scenes’ of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, and can be used to support the teaching and learning units.

Note: Victorian schools have received hard copies of the 'Let the Games Begin' CD-ROM. Schools in other Australian states and territories or other countries can download the resource by following the link, provided above.