United Trough the Games - Integrated Units

United through the Games
Five units of work based on the core values of the Commonwealth Games – humanity, equality and destiny.

Five units of work that provide a cross curricula approach to planning and implementing learning activities from Prep to Year 10. Designed to be used with a flexible approach and to complement existing programs, the units provide the opportunity to utilise the Commonwealth Games as an authentic learning context.

The focus of the units for the following year levels are:

• Prep - Year 2 Celebrations
• Years 3 - 4 Environment
• Years 5 - 6 Identity
• Years 7 - 8 Change
• Years 9 - 10 Participation

Note: Victorian schools have received hard copies of the 'United Through the Games' CD-ROM. Schools in other Australian states and territories or other countries can download the resource by following the link, provided above.