Go Green for 2006

Tree Planting
Let’s aim to make hosting the 2006 Commonwealth Games good for our natural environment.
The Games Environment Strategy has three initiatives to help make the Games environmentally sustainable:

  • Waterwise - by recycling stormwater and wastewater, using water efficient appliances, fixtures and fittings at major Games venues and promoting responsible water use.

  • Carbon neutral - reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated from hosting the Games by reducing energy consumption, implementing renewable energy and increasing public transport use and offsetting the shortfall by planting native trees as carbon sponges.

  • Low waste - discouraging littering through a Games-focussed anti-littering campaign and reducing waste that goes to landfill through more recycling and better use of resources.

  • Your school can get involved in some of the Games Environment programs by:

  • Planting trees for the Games - tree planting days will be held to help soak up the carbon emissions produced by the Games. Go to Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination for more information and to register.

  • Waste Wise Schools Commonwealth Games Award - In 2005, the EcoRecycle Waste Wise and Sustainable Schools Awards will offer a special reward to Victorian schools - the Waste Wise Commonwealth Games Award - for planning or running their own Waste Wise event, such as a school sports day, fete or festival. Schools can enter the competition from mid 2005.

  • More information is available at the Gould League website

    Project Links:

    Learn more about how we are making the Games environmentally friendly through the Middle Years Resources.

    The CommPASS program is designed to encourage primary students to be more aware about environmental sustainability and adopt more sustainable behaviours.

    Web Links:

    Further information and resources on environmental sustainability can be found at:

    EPA Victoria
    ECO Recycle Victoria
    Travel Smart
    Save Water
    Victorian Litter Action Alliance
    Greening Australia
    Planet ARK
    Office of Commonwealth Games Coordination
    CERES Community Environment Park