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Queens Baton at Stone Henge [prpix]
You and your students will have an opportunity to participate in a Commonwealth Games themed Global Classrooms Project
Global Classroom Projects are online collaborative projects enabling students and teachers from around the world to communicate and collaborate on a common task via the internet.

In 2005 and 2006 you and your students will have an opportunity to participate in two Commonwealth Games themed Global Classroom projects through the Global Classroom website.

The Commonwealth at Play

Ararat will host the Commonwealth Games baton on March 7th 2006. The City Council has been working with schools in the Central Area to develop activities to celebrate the Games. The schools would like to take the celebrations outside our City and offer activities to other schools across Victoria, Australia and the Commonwealth. ‘The Commonwealth at Play’ will take participating schools on a global celebration!

Karak in Action (October 2005)

Karak in Action is an innovative webquest based project for children throughout the Commonwealth. It uses Karak, the mascot for the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, as a central motif. The interactive webquest motivates children to investigate a local endangered species and to develop an action plan to ensure its survival.

For further information, including a list of available projects, please vist the Global Classroom.