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Live and study as an international student in one of Melbourne’s Universities, vocational education institutes or schools
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Melbourne, Australia

Sophisticated, friendly and very 21st Century

Melbourne – and the State of Victoria – is the learning capital of Australia. And it’s a destination of choice for international students.

It’s one of the world’s most liveable cities. Its education system opens doors to the workforce and further education in Australia and abroad, and tuition fees are globally competitive.

The city has a modern, flexible and world-class education system with excellent schools, vocational training and universities. The curriculum is broad-based providing a healthy balance between academic, creative, physical and vocational requirements.

Education in Melbourne is an integrated system which allows students to move from school to vocational training or university. Vocational training is highly skilled and responsive to the needs of industry.

Universities pursue excellence in the delivery of quality education and invest in research and development.

Melbourne welcomes almost 90,000 international students each year and there are around 8,200 in schools alone. Students from over a hundred nations come to Melbourne to improve their English and lead them to their chosen pathway.

Completing an English language program is a key pathway to further education in Australia and success in business.

Melbourne has not only earned a reputation for providing world-class education but also being a safe, friendly, vibrant and welcoming city. Professional teaching staff, modern campuses and facilities are a trademark of the education system.

International students and tourists enjoy Melbourne’s modern transport system, its parks, restaurants, cafes, galleries and theatres. Melbourne offers a modern lifestyle and education opportunities for career success.

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