Feature School: Macarthur Street Primary School

7 November, 2005
Lily gets excited for the Melbourne 2006<br />Commonwealth Games!
Lily gets excited for the Melbourne 2006
Commonwealth Games!

Macarthur Street Primary School is an inner Ballarat school of some eighty students. During the past term, we have been planning and organising a number of special activities to celebrate the Commonwealth Games with our students. Our theme is “Our Place, Our Town, Our Country; Our Spirit, Our Pride, Our Support!”
Some of these specially planned activities have commenced for our students as of the beginning of term 4, 2005.

We are encouraging all students to be healthy and active by being aware of what they choose to eat. The school’s Wellbeing Officer has implemented a healthy eating program. This program has an emphasis on healthy eating choices. The children are able to eat a nutritious breakfast at school once a week, and enjoy a fruit and vegetable snack on one other day during a normal classroom session. Each classroom has also participated in a lunchbox fruit and vegetable challenge recently, which was very successful. All children were presented with their own personal drink bottle, which is used for hydration during normal class sessions.

To excite the children for the sports that they will hear about or see during the Commonwealth Games we have arranged interactive sessions for all children in modern creative dance, swimming and rhythmic gymnastics during term four. We have employed specialist coaches to work with the children during these sessions. This will culminate in an opportunity to perform newly acquired skills publicly.
All children are currently participating in a school-wide art competition with the aim of having their artwork chosen for the Art4Athletes program. Our school’s participation within this program has been featured in the local Ballarat newspaper, “The Courier,” recently. During a visit from our local state parliamentary representative, Karen Overington, some of our students were photographed working on their creative pieces of artwork.

We are very much looking forward to our participation in the Schools2Schools program and cannot wait to begin communicating with our sister school and learning about another country, culture and way of life. We aim to make this a featured study within each classroom in term 1, 2006. This will include utilising research skills and locating information to be presented as both static and interactive presentations at school assemblies and to our school families. These presentations will involve children at all levels of the school having an input. We aim to make extensive use of digital imagery, model making, pattern making, design skills, and project research with both written and oral presentations of completed tasks. We will draw on the skills of staff members, especially our art teacher, and members of the wider community.

The Queen’s Baton Relay will pass through Ballarat on its final run toward Melbourne for the opening of the Commonwealth Games. The children at our school will join the wider Ballarat community to welcome the baton and the runners who are carrying it to Ballarat. Prior to this, we aim to have involved our students in an official opening ceremony at our school before an afternoon of tabloid sports, where small multi-aged groups of children will represent a number of Commonwealth Games nations. The children will work cooperatively to recreate, using a suitable medium, their representative nation’s flag and a suitable team symbol using the colours of their nation’s flag. The flags and symbols will be used in a march past of nations to open the tabloid sports. Some Junior School Council representatives will act as the governing body presiding over the games and will present certificates, which they have designed, to all participants at the conclusion of this activity.

Our aim is to involve all our students in a wide variety of activities, which will highlight the ideals, events and friendship of the Commonwealth Games. In doing so we hope the increase our student’s awareness of theses over-riding elements and the fun and friendship of the Commonwealth Games.