The Commonwealth Essay Competition – Write around the World

24 January, 2006
Commonwealth Essay<br />Competition 2006
Commonwealth Essay
Competition 2006

You don’t always need governments and large budgets to change the world. Sometimes all you need is a pen and a few sheets of paper.

The Commonwealth Essay Competition is an international writing contest, open to all young Commonwealth citizens aged 8 to18. Encouraging writing, creativity and reflection, the Competition gives young people a voice and challenges them to think about important local and global issues. But most importantly, writing for the Competition should be fun and fulfilling. As participants live in very different circumstances and embrace diverse cultures, the Competition links them together and rewards the best entries with publicity and prizes.

The Royal Commonwealth Society, organiser of the Competition, receives around 5,000 entries from over 1,100 schools across the Commonwealth. Whether in a village school or an urban elite school, both teachers and students find the essay topics a useful learning tool which complements their classroom activities.

Topics include:
  • The theme for Commonwealth Day 2006 is ‘Health and Vitality – the Commonwealth Challenge’. EITHER discuss this theme in relation to your own country OR write a story/account exploring its personal significance in the lives of ordinary people.

  • Is what is lawful always right? And is what is right always lawful?

  • Is the indigenous culture of your country worth preserving?

  • Colours.

  • The difference I make.

  • In all Commonwealth societies, customs and traditions help people to navigate a passage through life. In your experience, does this statement ring true?

  • Water.

  • Choose a well-known proverb or saying which is used in your own or another Commonwealth country. Illustrate what it means and/or how it originated.

  • How hard is it to keep a secret?

  • Write an adventure involving yourself and the characters of a favourite book.

  • Students from South Africa<br />prepare their essays.
    Students from South Africa
    prepare their essays.
    The deadline for entries to reach the Royal Commonwealth Society is 1 March. Entries can be submitted via email or send to Commonwealth Essay Competition, Royal Commonwealth Society, 25 Northumberland Avenue, London WC2N 5BJ, U.K.

    To register for the Commonwealth Essay Competition, please complete the 2006 entry form. Further details can be viewed on our official Commonwealth Essay Competition website.